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offer a kiss in front of camera: a kiss for peace

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Give a kiss in front of the camera; a kiss for peace. Christos creates in situ video art installations and live projections in motion, using digital photo cameras, digital camcorders and wireless micro cameras, inviting audience to perform a kiss in front of camera. Invites also audience and web visitors to send to kiss project their photo, video etc performing a kiss in front of camera. The art work, stills, video, texts etc, are published by the artist, at the web site: The Kiss Project aims to promote the idea of the worldwide peace, through a mixed media art work focusing on the expression of kiss.         

A kiss (from Old English cyssan "to kiss," in turn from coss "a kiss," perhaps onomatopoeic) is the touching of the lips to some other thing, usually another person. In modern Western culture, kissing is most commonly an expression of affection. However, when not an expression of affection, a kiss is a largely symbolic gesture in that the purpose of the kiss is to convey a meaning. The motto “a kiss for peace” represents the project’s concept, based on a metaphor: i.e. I will offer affection to the idea of peace; I will give love to a person as a link to the concept of peace; I will offer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to peace, and so on. The major aim is to sensitise the people worldwide about the beautiful, important and many-valued for the human being and the life in general, concept of peace.            

thank you my lovely performers!

A full of energy night at Notting Hill Gate Arts Club (London, 11 February 2007), it was the open day for the Kiss Project: a kiss for peace.

Promote the worldwide peace, with a kiss! Keep in touch with the Kiss Project: a Kiss for Peace! If you are interested to collaborate with me for the Kiss Project, please contact me!


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